TOM PUTNAM (director/producer) was recently named “One of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film” by Filmmaker Magazine. His previous short films include “Broadcast 23” (Sundance 2005) and "Tom Hits His Head" (Slamdance 2003). He was also a recipient of the Independent Feature Project’s Fast Track Award.

JEFF MALMBERG (producer/editor) has co-written a number of screenplays and series pilots with Michael Harbour and Tom Putnam. Malmberg’s editorial credits include the series pilots for “Dirt Squirrel” starring David Arquette (MTV) and 13 episodes of “Drew Carey's Greenscreen Show” (Comedy Central). Malmberg also edited and produced the 2005 Sundance short film “Broadcast 23” (Fox Searchlab). 

MATT RADECKI (producer/director of photography) is the co-director and editor of “TV Junkie,” winner of the Special Jury Award at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. He has produced a number of other award-winning documentaries and narrative features, including the theatrically released “Brown’s Requiem,” starring Michael Rooker and Selma Blair, from the novel by James Ellroy.

MICHAEL HARBOUR (producer) previously produced and co-wrote the short films “Broadcast 23” and “Tom Hits His Head.” In addition to writing and producing, Harbour has also worked as a digital effects technical director on dozens of feature films, including “The Day After Tomorrow,” “X-Men,” “Solaris,” and “Die Another Day.”

(executive producer) founded Rainstorm Entertainment in 2002, after successfully selling his first film, the comedic horror film "Terror Tract," to the USA Network. Kaplan is producing the upcoming Rainstorm Entertainment features "Long Time Gone," "Bob the Impaler," "The Luckiest Guys on Earth," and "The Cheese Monkeys." As executive producer on "Terror Tract," "The Big Empty," "F*ck," "Big Bad Wolf," and "The Lost Colony," Kaplan was responsible for packaging and providing financing for Rainstorm Entertainment projects. As a sales agent, Mr. Kaplan has arranged for domestic and foreign distribution of "Lenny the Winder Dog," "Kids in America," "The Razor Eaters," "Valley of the Heart's Delight," "Breaking News," and "Moola." In 2005, Mr. Kaplan was a co-founder of Launchpad Releasing, LLC, an independent feature theatrical distributor. Its first release, "Kids in America," was exhibited on over 700 screens in 90 markets across the country in November 2005. A law professional with well-respected business insight, Kaplan represents independent filmmakers, writers and directors through his firm, Gersh Kaplan, LLP. After receiving his Bachelor’s of Arts from U.C.L.A. in 1985, Kaplan attended Oxford University (Worchester College) and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, earning his J.D. in 1988.

GREGG L. DANIEL (executive producer) is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America and a graduate of the American Film Institute's producing fellowship program, Daniel began his career as assistant to the director on the Glenn Close film "Maxie." He has held posts at The Walt Disney Company, coordinating visual effects for George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola on "Captain Eo," served as a studio liaison on various Touchstone Film productions, and worked in the production departments of Jim Abrahams' "Big Business," Garry Marshall's "Beaches," and Steven Spielberg's "Always." He was the producer of "Terror Tract," which premiered on the USA Network for Halloween and won the Silver Raven and Prize of the Audience awards at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films. Daniel was the producer of "The Big Empty," "One of the top films of the year" according to Ain't It Cool News, and which starred Jon Favreau, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Daryl Hannah, and Sean Bean. Gregg will be producing "Long Time gone," "The Cheese Monkeys," "Bob the Impaler" and "The Luckiest Guys on Earth" for Rainstorm. Most recently, Mr. Daniel served as Executive Producer on the Rainstorm projects "F*CK" and "Big Bad Wolf."

ALEX VENDLER (director of photography) was a 1998 Independent Spirit Award nominee for his first feature film, “The Bible and Gun Club.” Vendler has shot more than two dozen feature films, including the Slamdance award-winner and official selection of the Cannes Film Festival “Better Housekeeping;” director Nick Broomfield’s “Kurt and Courtney;” “Very Mean Men” for director Tony Vitale and “Melvin Goes to Dinner,” the directorial debut of “Mr. Show” star Bob Odenkirk.